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We carefully monitor the changes around us on both a micro and macro scale. We approach all investments with great vigilance, planning them with respect for ecological principles and for the environment around us.

For us, plastic as a raw material is an inspiration and a teacher of the importance of responsibility and skilful management of resources at every stage of production. By becoming experts in injection moulding and extrusion, we take a close look at the processes involved.


Optimisation for ecological sustainability

We believe that global changes in plastics processing can become an opportunity rather than a constraint, which is why we actively strive for optimisation. We do everything possible to ensure that our manufacturing process is environmentally friendly.

We have a strong sense of responsibility and mission by prioritising the well-being of our planet. Plastic waste is a valuable resource from which the raw material for new components can be obtained. By processing post-production waste, our company not only reduces the amount of waste going to landfill, but also saves resources and energy.


How do we take care of the environment at every stage of our production?

  • We have estimated that approx. 20% of the raw materials used in overall production come from materials that were recycled and reprocessed during the production process, thus significantly reducing our share of waste.
  • In the injection moulding department, around 90% of production is made from recycled , so called regranulates.
  • We are systematically replacing plastic packaging with packaging that contains between 30% and 100% recycled material.
  • Thanks to modern solutions in the injection moulding machine department, we are able to recover the heat generated during machine operation and use it internally, thus significantly saving energy.
  • We test using raw materials of natural origin so that our products can become even more eco-friendly and fully biodegradable in the future.


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